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Reading these makes me happy!

I always send a feedback questionnaire. Its a great way to review your work and the satisfaction of your clients. To be honest, when I get the reply I get this sense of excitement... what will it say?! Most of the time, honestly, it is the best part of my job, the satisfaction to know that the bride was happy, her husband was happy, and the guests were happy! It makes it all worth while!!! Here is an excerpt of Chantal's review....

..." It was an honor to work with you! You did such an amazing job and truly brought our vision to life. It was honestly exactly how I had dreamed it would be. Thank you for working with all the vendors and having everything work together so seamlessly. And your professionalism was more than I had expected. You were so present all day but I barely noticed you! And when we did speak, you were always calm and I think that that was super important because it kept me calm. (...) Thank you for taking our constructive criticism back to the florist about my floral crown and repeating this until I was satisfied. Thank you for saving us a platter of appetizers to try while we were running around getting photos done. Thank you for EVERYTHING! ... "

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