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Should I plan my wedding now?

Yes! Did you know I was about to say that? I know its been rough these past months, with all the uncertainty, travel bans and stay at home orders, planning your wedding might seem like a task you don't even want to get into.

Wedding planning in the time of Coronavirus is different. You are struggling with these questions. Will you be able to get married on your chosen date? Who will be able to attend your wedding? Those answers may not be available quite yet, but it doesn’t mean you cannot continue your wedding planning, knowing that there may need to be a Plan B or Plan C. Most of us are stuck at home during this time. However, you can still work on your wedding. What better time than now to do so?! Things are a bit slower now, there seems to be more time in our hands due to the lack of social interaction, and wedding planners have their agendas open for planning! Working on your destination wedding now will help you later, when things start to resume and life gets hectic once again. I have been getting asked recently by many clients, - "is it risky to plan now? - should we wait?" I am here to tell you the why's and how's.

Now is a great time to plan

A destination wedding started to sound like a far - fetched idea all of a sudden in March 2020... so... we waited, hoping for uncertainty to end. As the months have passed, there is still unknowns but we can also say we have learned a few things... Travel will happen again, we will celebrate again and love is not cancelled. Now we know and value human interactions, life experiences and freedom more than ever. For now, we wait, we take the precautions necessary, and we plan! It is the perfect moment to spend that free moment working on those final decisions, the final look, buying/collecting/making small details...Now you can finish all your vendor selection, your orders, payments and contingency plans necessary. Most planners and vendors do not have a lot of, or as many, events happening as usual (as you may imagine), thus they have so much more time to spend to planning all future events to a T. At the same time, there is useful information everywhere circling the internet, inspirational images, ideas, how-to's... Take advantage of this, navigate through some blogs ( and get inspired browsing different instagram accounts ( Connect with your planner, bounce ideas, land them and get everything ready to go.

destination wedding invitations

Is it risky to book vendors now?

In my opinion it all comes down to which vendors you are looking into or booking. We always work with and recommend vendors with years of experience, knowledge and professionalism. Well established companies that, even tough times are hard and they are struggling, they will survive. These same vendors who have been more than understanding during these trying times , allowing clients to postpone with no added fees, no 'buts' or 'maybe's. Nobody wants to think about postponing, of course not, but, knowing that your planner has a plan B will give you two relief. Make sure you can book with confidence and don't be afraid to bring this up with your planner and/or selected vendor before you put down your deposit.

Since a lot of 2020 weddings have been moved to 2021, its important to get your vendors dates' blocked for you. You will need to put down a deposit for this most likely. The calendar is filling up for a lot of them and its a good idea have those 'one person' vendors booked (i.e. photographer, videographer, caterer, DJ, etc.)

2022 Bride to be

Yes, its a good time for you ladies as well! For the same reasons stated above... there is time... time to plan, to get inspired... Also, I think you might get some 2020 rates as well!

flower crowns

What can I do?

Here are some ideas of things you can do

  • Pin your ideas and start organizing your Pinterest boards or similar. A lot of the time, we are pinning and pinning without thought to the organization. Did you know you can create sections on your board to organize each detail? So instead of “flowers,” create a section specifically for “bouquets or aisle décor” to narrow down each look. Do this for every design element of the wedding. Then you can share just these sections with your planner. You can add comments to each image to indicate what about it you love. This too, will guide your planner to see what you are seeing.

  • Embrace technology with your planner and vendors. Virtual meetings have become more and more normal. Integrate it to your planning, share screens with your planner and use your mood boards, your Pinterest boards we just talked about.

  • Do all the things you typically put off until a few weeks before the wedding date. I provide my clients with a checklist, and these items below are supposed to be completed in the last few months of planning. It happens that they are delayed to the last minute sometimes but, in reality, could be done anytime during the wedding planning process.

    • Writing your vows

    • Determining who will be giving speeches

    • Choosing your ceremony songs

    • Choosing your first dance, parent dance and cake cutting songs, also the last song of the evening

  • Organize your items for the wedding. Items can include DIY favors, toasting glasses, pictures of loved ones, candles, etc. The list is endless. Organize these items in well-marked bins or boxes and put a note in each explaining the item and where it goes. If you have not bought any items yet, please DON’T go out to the store or purchase put together a wish list of items and narrow it down to what décor you need, until your budget is finalized and you know how much you have to spare.

  • Make a Plan B and even a Plan C. This one is not much fun but necessary right now. If your wedding cannot happen because of government mandate, what is your plan? If your wedding cannot occur because of friends and family not being able or willing to travel, what is your plan? These are questions you need to be asking yourself right now. If you are working with a planner, reach out to them for guidance.

It is common that 2 - 3 months prior to your wedding day, or trip, you are finishing up details, getting your favors ready, you are getting ready for your vacation, honeymoon, leaving work, your house... Imagine having all details ready to go... imagine the tranquility it will give you to set a clear checklist with due dates with your planner. This way you can always look ahead and take things with time.

Now, go get your wedding set. to go, there is no better time than now!


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