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Destination Weddings = Intimate Weddings

Big gatherings are put on hold for a while, but #loveisnotcancelled. Did you know that most destination weddings fit in the category of #smallweddings, or #microweddings?! How about #elopements – always a destination! In these recent times of COVID 19, we have seen these wedding categories show up now, more than ever. What are they? What do they mean?

Well, here’s a quick summary --- less than 50 guests = small wedding; less than 20 guests = micro wedding / elopement. What do we call them? --- weddings! #intimateweddings is my preferred term actually.

Celebrations of joyful partnerships will continue to happen, it is our human nature to do so. I invite you, who is undecided on where or what to do to celebrate joining with your loved one for life, to think about Costa Rica, think about a #destinationwedding . Times call for something different, and this just might be the perfect solution to your questions.

"Can my small wedding still have all the bells and whistles that I dreamed of?" Yes! With a smaller head count, we can really look into details and put that extra "bling" where we most like it... in the food, the bar, the flowers, the decor, the venue! Be it at the beach, the mountain, or volcano, your destination wedding, or #elopements can be #unique and #memorable.

“Can a smaller headcount save me some money?” Yes! Not all couples want bells and whistles, and would rather save some extra $$$ here and there… maybe leave some for the honeymoon? Or how we put some extra money for more activities, or the venue! So, your dream wedding can actually be enhanced, not deflated!

Costa Rica has been named one of the best destinations in the world to visit after the COVID 19 crisis, and celebrating here, with your loved ones, not only your wedding day but a the whole “weekend” experience, is a gift! I think these days it is easier to realize what is truly important in our lives -- love, health, nature, human connections, family and friends. Experiences that create long lasting memories, I think, are what keep us going in difficult times

At Bliss Weddings we have been planning weddings and events of all sizes for the past 8 years. From 2 guests to 120+ guests. They are all special in their own little ways. We pride ourselves in being the one who can first learn and understand your vision, and then deliver. We are constantly inspired by our clients, the goal is that your wedding represents you and what better way to do so in an intimate setting. Let us help you plan the #perfectgetaway for you and your guests!


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