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The hurricane wedding!

We had been planning the wedding for a bit over a year... we were ready, everyone was ready.

The date was November 24th, Thanksgiving Day. Two days before I start seeing on the news alert about a random hurricane coming down to Costa Rica, something that has never happened before in our time! I start getting calls... Elizabeth's wedding reception was set on the beach... and the vendors started calling, they didn't know if they would make it, the tent rental was backing out.. our little town was on red alert... the next day, we were still on red alert... there was nothing to do, we either cancel or look for another venue.

An old warehouse, in the center of town, was my only idea. All hotels were booked, all restaurants, this is peak season! When we first got it, the site was scary.... but, with an amazing team, we pulled through! We changed the place and make it look gorgeous!!! Check out the gallery!

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