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When they said... "our date is December 31st 2016", I thought, 'thats crazy'!

But, we did it, and it was great! It was hard to find the perfect venue, with availability and that could fit their group of 80... Santa Teresa gets booked well in advance for these dates. I am not sure why Koji's restaurant popped into my mind as soon as our first meeting... its a Japanese cuisine restaurant so not everybody would like that for their wedding dinner, but Alex and Raco (Alexandra's other nickname) where all for it. They also rented out Casa Kata, a rustic beauty in the beginnings of Playa Hermosa, we did the ceremony here. Raco wanted color and tropics for her ceremony and whites for her reception. We used all local flowers and the outcome was so beautiful!

Check out vendors below!

Vendors list :

Venues - Casa Kata, Playa Hermosa

Koji's Restaurant - Playa Santa Teresa

Flowers - Bliss Weddings

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