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Our first meeting was at Product C, local fish market and restaurant, and town’s favorite spot. I quickly realized, this was not Jon’s first time in Santa Teresa.

He is long time friends with local chef Ty Finnie, a good friend and co-worker of mine as well. Ty was thrilled to take on the food and bar for all his Canadian friends! I was thrilled to be a part of it as well!

We did a lot of the planning though Skype calls, Katie’s input on the flowers, beautiful succulents that were our inspiration throughout, made the decor simple yet enough to make it so romantic.

My best wishes go out to Jon and Katie. We’ll see you again soon! ST awaits!

Vendors list below!

Katie and Jon's review ( you can find it on )

Vendors list:

Wedding venue: Casa Celeste

Photographer: Megan McCullor

Food and bar : Ty Finnie:

Baker: Karma Cakes

Rentals: JungleGlitter Rentals

Music: DJ music: Bliss Entertainment

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